FXCalc Scientific Calculator

FXCalc is an accurate formula scientific calculator with a modern look.
It is built with AS3, Adobe AIR, Starling and Feathers UI.

FXCalc for Android is available for free on Google Play.

FXCalc for iOS and FXCalc for desktop are coming soon.

FXCalc for web online scientific calculator. License available on request.

FXCalc for web requires the Flash Player plug-in.

Quick user guide

Enter a mathematical expression and use the equals button to evaluate it, carrying out calculations in sequence determined by common mathematics order of operations.

Calculation history

The expressions and their results are stored in the calculation history.

Result display format

The calculation results can be displayed in different formats.

Angle units

The angles (e.g. for trigonometric functions) can be expressed in either Degrees, Radians or Grads. To cycle between angle units, use the DRG button.

Trigonometric functions

To access the hyperbolic and inverse trigonometric functions, use the hyp and inv toggle buttons.


Currently, two variables are available to use, additional variables will be added later.

The answer variable (Ans) is a special variable that contains the result of the last successful calculation.

The memory variable (M) is a general purpose variable with dedicated buttons.

Range, digits, precision

The display precision is limited to at most 12 decimal digits, the decimal exponent range is limited to [-99; 99].
Internally, the calculator uses IEEE 754 double precision floating point arithmetic, allowing representation of numbers with a decimal exponent range of [-308; 308] with 15–17 decimal digits precision.

More features are coming soon!

Bug reports, feature requests and other suggestions are welcome.